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34 - Sunni

Port of Spain , Trinidad and Tobago

Jun 19, 2019 23:32

I am a divorced, practising Muslim sister living at home with my parents, whom I take care of and love dearly. I do not have any children and would prefer a partner without. My life is work, school and home. I do not engage in the haram, leisure for me is swimming, reading or going to the beach if my schedule permits. Yes my domestic skills are on par, are yours?. I am used to taking care of myself, but if my husband wishes me to stay at home I would expect that my economic needs are met and sufficiently. I am not a greedy or extravagant woman as I know the value of hard work and sacrifice but it does not mean that I do not have exquisite taste and like nice things. I take very good care of myself and my health is a priority. Without being alluring, I am of medium built and brown skinned at 5ft 4". My decent is of African and Indian like most in the Caribbean. I am seeking by the will of Allah a companion for life. Please do not contact me if you are arrogant, do not take care of your health, mean spirited and hurtful to others, have no respect for your parents, lazy and have no ambition. I have started to learn to read the Quran, my goal is to finish by Ramadhan. I want a spouse who can elevate me in deen, encourage me, grow with me and lead me. I can be your driving force and your motivation but you have to possess what it takes to make me happy. A passion for life, strong leadership qualities, compassion and humility. All this embodies deen. Do not try to bamboozle me into communicating with you on any social media platforms. When I feel comfortable, I will do so. Also the lying brothers, I am not about that.