32 - Sunni

Riyadh / London, Saudi Arabia

Apr 12, 2021 08:13

Aslamu Alikum

Alhamdulilah for being Muslim and hope we reach Jannah while enjoying this life journey.
I fully practice and pray and fast and proud of Islam as a life system.

Am alhamdulilah a gentleman well established and somehow financially stable.
I believe in partnership and friendship and honesty between the man and his wife which makes love bond to grow and be strong.

A well educated engineer from an international family. Caring and with a white heart and am thankful that Allah aza wa jal has blessed me being a Muslim and a good looking man.

I'm looking for a good lady that we love and take care of each other so we establish a family that live in a positive and respect atmosphere and enjoy our minds together and support our families and kids and to be a life contributors. (We might be crazy partners in crime sometimes!) I feel I'm a King looking for my Queen!