25 - Sunni

Auckland, New Zealand

Feb 9, 2019 15:22

Assalamu alaikum,

I'm 25 and accepted Islam almost 9 years ago, so I'm not a new Muslim by any means. I decided to take shahadah after talking with some Muslims on social media and doing some research of my own - it's not an interesting story hahah.

I work as the administrator of a small Islamic charity, and I live on my own (flatting). I've been divorced for nearly 5 years and don't have any children.

I'm very introverted and don't enjoy big social gatherings, and I despise gossip. I'm not the typical housewife type who does all the cooking and cleaning, regularly entertains guests, and all of that. As long as both people are working, I believe the household duties ought to be divided equally, and I have no intention of ceasing work unless I have a small child to look after. If I'm ever blessed with children, in shaa Allah, I will be fully committed to their care, however, I would like to continue at least working from home as having financial independence and contributing to the household is extremely important to me.

I would like to find someone from a Western background, with a similar temperament to my own. Preferably from New Zealand or happy to relocate here, as I'm not interested in leaving NZ.

I wouldn't consider myself a super strict Muslim, but I do have very strong, unmovable, Islamic values which I will not compromise for anyone. That said, we don't have to agree on everything. You do your thing and I'll do mine. One's deen is an extremely personal thing so respect for each other's differing opinions and feelings on Islamic matters is absolutely necessary

I'm not a workaholic or achievement-hungry person - I do my job because I love it dearly and it is meaningful to me. I don't care what you do or how much money you make, as long as you are happy and it is halal.

As for what I'm looking for in a person - someone I click with to be a companion and friend.

As a person I'm quiet, fiercely independent, and like a lot of alone time. That said, I'm also kind, empathetic, helpful, and supportive.

I'm not a very good cook. I can cook if necessary, but as a rule I never spend more than 20 minutes preparing a meal, except on special occasions. I don't believe life should be spent in the kitchen (unless you have a passion for cooking, then go ahead hahah).

I'm a very creative person and generally like to spend my free time on creative pursuits, and am also quite handy - I have the typical Kiwi DIY gene, I enjoy making and building things. I'm not into sports, although I enjoy freestyle ice skating and go to the ice rink pretty regularly.

As for languages, aside from English, I speak intermediate French and I'm learning Arabic (sloooowly haha).

Physical and health stuff: I'm a shortie, just 5'1", so if you're secretly wishing you'd marry a model, move along hahah.
I also have anxiety and a couple autoimmune conditions, so if you have any weird biases or taboos regarding physical and mental health don't bother messaging me - I have a very practical, and Western mentality on these things which is not compatible with superstition or cultural backwardness.

I will not consider polygyny. Looking for someone aged 24 to 29.