41 - Sunni

KL, Malaysia

Jul 14, 2019 10:56

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Honestly, I have little faith and a skeptic of "online spouse stores". After some push from friends, I am doing this conciously, a little skeptical still. So pardon me if I don't quickly share my number with you Okay, now a little about me. I am quite spontaneous, a single mom of two teens. A doctorate, and well educated, but note that i AM not a "feminist". A guy still needs to take charge)

I love to read, and I love to travel. Books keep me quiet and content. Travelling and meeting people of different cultures, colours and shapes gives me the knowledge no school ever did. I also love to work out - gym, team sports, swimming, zumba - I love them all. I have an active lifestyle and I made sure my two teenage kids are chucked into sports as well. And no, my gym coach is not from hell. My friends see me as a cheeky person with a lot of sense of humour. I joke and poke, I don't think I ever am formal, even in formal situations. I love watching movies and am a vicious movie spoiler (evil grin).

My most calming moment is before fajar, where I'd reflect myself and reset my goals in case they get derailed... I hold on to Allah's words "After every hardship, there's ease" - Al Inshirah

I'm looking forward to be friends first with someone imperfect, flawed and human, who will be wise when I am otherwise. Someone with a strong deen intact in his heart and unshaken akidah. To be my imam and just together as two imperfect people striving to make a perfect journey, inshaAllah. Preferably someone who is active and takes care of his temple. And most importantly someone who can communicate well with sabr. It's worth to note that somewhere along the time frame, I have become drama free - and came to understand that perfection spells caution. InshaAllah khair