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28 - Sunni

Al-Madinah, Saudi Arabia

Oct 19, 2021 15:20

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

Brief Overview:
I’m a physically disabled (paraplegic) conservative religious Muslim man, looking to marry a young chaste virgin respectable conservative religious reverted to Islam girl. The type of the girl I’m looking to marry, is the one that fears her Lord (Almighty Allah), wants to please Him, and considers her religion (Islam) first and above anything else in this life. Moreover, I’m planning for marriage now but not ready for it yet, I need to prepare for it, so perhaps after few years I will get married - In Sha’ Allah -. Below are the details.

About Me:
- Religious Muslim. Try to follow the Qur’an and Sunnah according to the understanding of As-Salaf (the way of the prophet Muhammad – peace and blessings be upon him – and his companions).
- Decent, clean, and conservative.
- Native Arabic speaker, and speak English. Still not so fluent in English yet (still learning it).
- Saudi citizen.
- Of a normal, conservative, and upper-middle class family.
- Mechanical Engineer. Hold a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering Science. Currently acquiring a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering Science.
- Full time student. Have no job at the current time.
- Interested in learning and seeking knowledge, especially Islamic knowledge. Want to spend times on that.
- Tend to be serious. Do not look much for recreation or entertainment activities. Not into watching TV, movies, sports’ matches, or playing video games, etc. Prefer to spend times on useful things.
- Do not like to travel outside of Saudi Arabia.

My Health Status:
- I have the Type 1 diabetes since I was nearly 4 years old. I use insulin injections daily.
- I have a physical disability which is paraplegia (lower half paralysis), because of a traffic accident caused a spinal cord injury at the T-12 level since I was nearly 19-20 years old. I couldn’t walk, couldn’t stand up, and I use a manual lightweight wheelchair. I could go and come by myself, drive my car by myself, travel both by car and airplane alone without a companion, and I could live alone. Mostly I could manage my life and my situation by myself without the need of people’s help, yet might still need some help in some things that I couldn’t do by myself.
- As a result of my injury, I have urinary and bowel incontinence, that is, I have no control over my waste (urine, faeces, and wind/gas). I wear diapers, go to the toilet several times during the day and night, clean myself, and I take care of this issue by myself.
- There’re more information to be disclosed later privately through messages about my disability, including some private affairs like the issues in the sexual relationship and their solutions (the sexual intercourse and relationship are certainly possible), procreation/producing children (it could be possible with using some medical solutions), and some other aspects.
- My health status is good as a paraplegic and as a diabetic, and I’m used to it.

- Complexion/skin colour: Wheatish/light brown.
- Hair colour: Black.
- Eye colour: Brown.
- Height: 183 cm (6’0”).
- Weight: About 73 kg (160 lbs). Could be more or less. I don’t measure it because I sit in a wheelchair.
- Body style: Slim to average.
- Facial hair: Short to medium length beard (I don’t cut it), and moustache.
- Appearance/look: Normal to good.

My Basic Requirements:
- Good looking girl and her appearance is appropriate for me.
- A girl that has a height more than 170 cm (5’7”).
- Reverted (converted) to Islam. Convinced and believes that Islam is the only true religion that leads to Al-Jannah (the Paradise) in the hereafter. Reverted (converted) to Islam with a pure intention to please her Creator, Lord, God, (Almighty Allah) alone, and not because of marriage or other things in this life.
- Was born in wedlock (that her parents produced her while being married to each other).
- A chaste virgin. Never had previous relationships, never been with a man, and never involved herself in any sexual act with someone previously.
- Pure and clean. Never involved herself in partying, clubbing, or similar things. Never been to pubs/bars, clubs, or similar places. Doesn’t listen to music, doesn’t smoke, drink, or do drugs.
- Decent, modest, respectable, and conservative. Keeps away from the sin and obscenity. Into her husband and not into other men. Doesn’t communicate, talk, make friendships, have relations, meet, or mix herself with guys/men. Dresses modestly (wears covering clothes, and does not wear tight or short clothes that describe or show some parts of her body). Wears the full Hijab (covers her whole body including head and face, like wearing Abaya and Niqab) when going outside of home.
- Religious. She must adhere to Islam, and take her religion (Islam) seriously. Performs what she’s ordered (by Allah) to perform, and leaves what she’s ordered (by Allah) to leave. Fulfills the Tawhid (the Islamic monotheism, worships non but Allah alone), performs the 5 prayers in their specified times during the 24 hours, fasts the month of Ramadhan, wears the full Hijab (covers her whole body including head and face, like wearing Abaya and Niqab) when going outside of home, and so on.
- Willing to fulfill the Hijrah (Migration: leaving the non-Muslims’ land/society completely to live in the Muslims’ land/society). In this case she shall have the desire to leave her society completely and to live and settle in Saudi Arabia for the rest of her life. Also to not have relations with the non-Muslims (she could still contact her family though).
- Willing to learn Arabic language and speak it.
- Willing to learn Islam and follow it.
- Obedient/submissive to her husband. Obeys her husband in things that aren’t forbidden in Islam.
- Has good morals and manners.
- Patient, mature and responsible. Realises that not all things in life would be as we want or as we wish. Willing to take care of the home (housework, etc.) and children. Considers the family as a priority, to keep it good.
- Preferably a young girl, less than 20 years old. If she was older than that (and fulfills the other requirements like being a chaste virgin, etc), I could consider her too.
- Preferably a girl of a conservative family. If she’s conservative and her family is not, I could consider her too.

Other Things:
- Perhaps I would have more than one wife in the future – In Sha’ Allah -. I’m not sure if I will do this, but there is a possibility to do so.
- I want to talk to the girl I’m looking to marry (through chatting/typing), for some period of time, before we decide whether to marry or not, to determine whether we’re appropriate for each other or not. The talk shall be in a decent, clean, and conservative manner though (no flirting, or affectional talk before marriage).
- I don’t take pictures of myself, and don’t share my pictures. I also wouldn’t ask her to send me her pictures. Before I decide to marry a girl, I have to visit her and see her in real life, with her Mahram (like her father or brother, etc.) being present. In case of she can't offer a Mahram, then we could look for other possible ways to meet and avoid Khalwah (avoid being alone together).
- I’m not ready for marriage now, and not planning to marry in the very near future. I want to save money, study some related topics, and prepare myself for the marriage. The major step I need to do is to have a good job, then other things would be easier – In Sha’ Allah -. So I’m planning for marriage, looking for an appropriate future wife – In Sha’ Allah -, and not very in a hurry to get married. I would assume that, not before two years from now to get married – In Sha’ Allah -.
- The language of the home would be Arabic – In Sha’ Allah -. Since we are going to settle – In Sha’ Allah - in an Arabian environment (in Saudi Arabia), and raise our children – In Sha’ Allah – in it, we must raise them as Arabs and let them speak Arabic fluently as natives. It’s their right to be raised as their peers in the country they are going to live in their lives – In Sha’ Allah – and to speak Arabic as natives. Also since that children mostly learn the language from their mothers at their very early ages, she needs to speak with them in Arabic. So, this is a reason that I would delay procreation (producing children) till she can speak Arabic – In Sha’ Allah -. It would be easier for my wife to learn Arabic, since she is going to live in an Arabian environment (in Saudi Arabia), and would be married to a native Arabic speaker – In Sha’ Allah -. Actually, depends on the case, if she started to learn Arabic before marriage, then we could reduce the delaying of procreation (producing children) period after marriage. I would assume that, two years after marriage would be enough then we could produce children – In Sha’ Allah -. I will add, I’m aware of that learning a new language to the level of fluency isn’t easy and it would take a long time to achieve this. So, I’m not trying to be hard in this topic, we might produce children even if she can’t speak good Arabic, as long as she has a desire to learn the language and speak it in the future – In Sha’ Allah -. Moreover, learning Arabic will be beneficial to any Muslim, it will help him/her to read and understand the Qur’an (in Arabic), read and understand the Sunnah (in Arabic), and read most of scholars’ texts and listen to their lessons (in Arabic). Which is a more precise way to learn Islam (if the person was fluent in Arabic) than through translated versions. Also, for someone who’s going to live and settle in an Arabian environment, learning Arabic would help him/her to communicate with people and be more active in the society. However, I don’t demand my wife to be so fluent in Arabic (which might not be attainable for her), but speaking Arabic in an accepted/decent level would be good for her (before me).
- One of my wife’s basic responsibilities is taking care of the home (housework, etc.) and children. However, I don’t mind if she wants to work or study besides taking care of the home and children, as long as the work’s environment is safe and good for her and there is no mixing between men and women, the job and field of study don’t have or will lead her to do something forbidden in Islam, and that it’s possible to do so (like studying in a university or college in the same city we live in, and if there were fees we could pay them, etc.). Our schools and universities in Saudi Arabia are gender-isolated, that is, males have their own schools and colleges (no females there) as well as females have their own schools and colleges (no males there). I encourage my wife to continue her studies (even if obtaining an online degree, studying from the home if she wasn’t able to attend schools or universities), but it would be her decision to do so or not. She’s not asked to spend money on or provide for the home, this is my responsibility as a man, but education is not only about earning money or work, it’s more than that and it might add a value to the person. We could discuss more about this topic later – In Sha’ Allah -.

I could provide for my wife – In Sha’ Allah -: The place of living, the food, the clothes, the affection, the sexual intercourse and relationship, the care, and the other usual things she needs. I would like to help her to learn Arabic language and speak it, help her to learn Islam and follow it, help her to relocate permanently and settle in a Muslims’ country (specifically Saudi Arabia), and help her to be a good Muslim woman. I could be patient with her, I don’t ask much things, but she should be a good Muslim girl.

Muslims follow the Qur’an and Sunnah and their lives shall be organised according to them. My wife is expected to understand and be aware of that Muslims have different values than the non-Muslims in many aspects, such as in the interaction between males and females, dress and covering our bodies, family’s rights and affairs, behaviour, morals, and other things. She is expected to have these values. I’m not going to marry a girl if she is still a non-Muslim, or if she did not start to adhere to Islam yet (like did not start to pray the 5 prayers in their times, wear Hijab, and so on) after her conversion to Islam.

I would say that, if you want a life full of fun and playing, I think I’m not the appropriate man for you. If you want to build yourself, improve your faith, adhere to the religion, settle, and build a family, I hope I can be an appropriate one for you – In Sha’ Allah -. Of course that couples enjoying their times together is a part of the marital life, but this is not everything. Marriage is a responsibility, both husband and wife shall be mature and shall take the responsibility of the home, to build a good family and to be able to raise their children in a good way. Also because I have a disability which implies some challenges, difficulties and limitations existence in different life’s aspects, and I busy myself with learning and need to spend times on that, so I might not have long free times/leisure. You will have your own free time/leisure where you can do things you like (as long as they are not forbidden in Islam). I also have shortages like other people have. I try to be a good man.

I don’t want to marry a girl then divorce her. I want the marriage to last forever - In Sha’ Allah -. So I’m taking things slowly and seriously, to let us know about each other, to correct things that need correction, and to prepare well for the marriage - In Sha’ Allah -.

You can ask me, about things that concern you. I would ask a lot of questions – In Sha’ Allah -, about things that concern me.

Perhaps I Would Ask You Questions About:
- Your appearance.
- Your background and origins.
- Your family.
- Your conversion to Islam.
- Your adherence to Islam.
- Your health status.
- Your educational level.
- Your lifestyle and social life.

Read my profile carefully, understand it, and think before you decide to message me. Realise that I’m religious (adhere to Islam) and that I’m physically disabled (paraplegic).

If you’re OK with the information written above, interested and feel you’re appropriate for me and for my situation, message me, so we could know more about each other.

I expect you to be honest when you talk with me.