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26 - Sunni

Al-Madinah, Saudi Arabia

Sep 20, 2019 19:17

I have a disability which is paraplegia (lower half paralysis) because of a spinal cord injury. It was an accident happened in the year 1432 H. I can't walk and I use a wheelchair. I am also a diabetic. My health status is good and I can manage my life.
I am not ready for the marriage now, I want to save some money and study some related topics. So I am not in a hurry to get married.

I am looking for a reverted (converted) to Islam girl to marry. A girl who is very religious, wants to leave her society, and wants to live in Saudi Arabia. I want to help her in learning Arabic language and learning Islam.

There are more information to be disclosed later about my disability and my life.
If you are interested, message me.