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23 - Sunni

Frankfurt, Germany

Apr 10, 2019 09:13

- born and raised in Germany
- parents from palestine, Gaza-Stip
- practicing the religion according to the quran and the sunnah of our beloved Prophet s.a.w
- can read and write arabic (native languages are german and arabic (palestinian dialect), fluent in english, B1 level in french)
- am studying engenieering (master degree)

Looking for:
- a practicing pious religious muslim, who fears and loves Allah subhana wa taala
- who loves spending his time in the mosque, reciting quran, doing thikr or in general is always trying to be in a state of rememberance of Allah and the hereafter.
- who has not only theoretical knowledge about our religion, but also trys to implement what he knows, try to teach it benefically to others by being a good role model.
- competes with other brothers to do good deeds to seek the love of Allah.
- gentle, caring and treats his wife with dignity and respect
- well educated (is temporarly doing his Master degree/PhD Thesis)
- can speak arabic or is temporarly learning the arabic language
- is responsible and knows that life is a struggle, which one can overvome best with the right partner next ones side, who knows what is important in life.
- sportive and healthy
- lives in Germany



Age: 21 / sunni



Age: 33 / shia