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32 - Sunni

Stockholm , Somalia

Jun 22, 2019 13:41

Serious Kind Wishing to have lovely family living in Sweden

It will come later

جاده طيوبه خلوقه ما احب الكلام الفاضي والباقي يأتي مع الوقت

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He has a job works hard. Be best husband.  wants the best for our kids  Honesty. trusted friend and husband . kind. dependable wants to be a good man has a good heart Having  high goals for himself and our family. someone who will listen with more than just their ears Afraid of God If you not serious don't waste my time يخاف الله ويتقيه جاد خلوق مجتهد لديه عمل يحب يكون اسره تكون اولياته عائلته طيب وحنون