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52 - Sunni

West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

Oct 21, 2021 15:22

Please kindly read this before you contact me

Those who want to play around, please do not contact me.

I prefer man around 45 to 55 please. I thought it will be a lot easier when the age gap is not so far.

I am here to find a future moslem husband (a man that take us closer to Islam). Not looking for a friend to chat. I need a simple moslem who will be happy to be my imam in pray and in life.

I am an ordinary person enjoy living in Sembalun a mountain area in Lombok Indonesia.
Love to hang out with family & friends
Volunteering every now and then
I love camping, trekking mountain & hills, walking, cycling and gardening. I have to admit I love travelling though I don't enjoy flying.
I spend a lot of time on my mobile. Doing things, work from there, volunteering from there, read and learn from there. Perhaps we can meet on google map?
If we got married I promise to spend more time with you or we can do thing on internet together 🙃
I am a guide. I can show you around the island
A divorce & parent for a grown up boy.

I may not want to relocate. I am where I am now because I love the island & I want to stay close to my parents. Or do you have a better offer?

I am not after your wealth, not materialistic either, I am just being realistic, please consider about the energy, time and money that you have to spend to be with me and don't forget about the paper work as well. They really test your patient 😀
I am not so crazy about caucasian or foreigner. I just wanna widen my search. I have not found men in my age and enjoyed each other companion. My work makes me mingle more with young men thus it seems that it is hard to find one close by.

I am happy if I have the freedom of thought. I think marriage is like a business, both side should maintain the bond and keep the equality at the level that every of us is happy. I believe that nothing is gonna be really equal then. Let the sunnah guide us about that.

I would think that it will be easier for you if you are such a digital nomad or working on line or already retired or even having a business here. The island I live (Lombok) is pretty. We have beautiful beaches & islets, unforgetable rural areas, challenging mountain to climb or to run for an ultra race if you like extreme sport. A history to be uncovered. A colorful culture to experience. Delicious food to taste.
Often, you feel the world stop turning yet you dont mind it as everyday is a holiday here.

If you think you can fit in, you may contact me