29 - Sunni

Denizli, Turkey

Jan 19, 2021 06:57

I using Google Translate. I live in turkey. I work as an officer in the school affiliated to the ministry of education. If you want to marry me, I want you to know first. I'm totally blind, I don't see it at all. But I can fulfill my responsibilities in the family. I can meet my own personal needs. I don't burden my family and those around me, I want you to know.
In the meantime, I want the girls who want to marry me to know.
I live in Turkey and work as a government official.
After marriage, I want to live in Turkey.
If you do not want to go abroad, you do not have a passport or if you say that you do not have a passport, in short, if you can not assume the responsibilities of marriage, I would ask you to stay away from me.
It may not be your passport, that's normal. But it's not hard to have a passport.
Even if you don't marry me, if you want to meet and marry people here, you'll have to have a passport.
I don't take that as an excuse.
I really want to get married. Don't waste my time in vain.