24 - Sunni

Marseille, France

May 1, 2020 18:51

Just looking for a potential suitor on behalf of my sister. Don't bother messaging me if I visit your profile. I'll always message you first if she is interested.

Below is my sister's own description of herself:

Basic things about me:
1) My mother tongue is French.

2) I am a practising Muslimah. I cannot show my face or reveal any detail about my physical attributes since I adhere strictly to the niqab. Therefore I am looking for a brother who will not be afraid of walking in public in the company of his niqabi wife—a man of strong iman.

3) This brother should be practising but not an extremist; and by extremist I mean a macho self-proclaimed salafi who makes you believe that he loves the Prophet (PEACE BE UPON HIM) and adheres to his sunnah but turns out to be condescending towards his wife, his sisters and Muslim women in general.

4) I greatly enjoy playing video games (I'm not a hardcore gamer) and so I would like the brother to be into such things as well so that we can have fun together.

5) EDIT: I don't need to learn Arabic since I can already read the Quran (not translated), so thank you. Also people who are over 40 please don't message me, as I am only looking for a spouse between the age of 24-33.
Please understand that if I don't reply to your messages it's because I do not feel any attraction to you. My sincere apologies if you are/were hurt. Also please be sure to have a picture of yourself (yes, it is expected from a suitor to show his face).

6) I do not accept polygamy. (Which is my Islamic right).