26 - Sunni

Surabaya, Indonesia

Jun 19, 2021 11:09


I'm an:
🌵 INFJ if you're into Mbti, Enneagram 4W5
🐚 Homebody
☕ Coffee lover
◾ A minimalist

Who am I?

Hmm.. hard to describe.
I mean, everyone's hard
to describe, right,
but I'm really hard to describe
because I've got this little...
thing. It's a little thing.

Well... it's big-ish.
Depending on the way you look at it.

It's not tiny,
but it's not huge.
It's a thing,
that's all.

You want to know who I am?

Well, I'm back in dating circles after 2 long years of searching
Obviously, seeing as how you're reading this
I thought about Tinder but then I just settled for the old-fashioned dating, well, matrimonial site

And so here I am
This is me,
I valued maturity and deep connection
If this doesn't scared you off, then feel free to leave me a message.