38 - Sunni

Sale, Morocco

Oct 13, 2019 21:04

i dont need to write poetry about myself...nobody is perfect gentelmen...i am just a simple person with some qualities u may like and some defaults u will need to accept..one package take it or leave it..
One ordinary woman from this biiiig world ..i am not here to have fun and in no mood for games
...i want a family kids stability a long term relationship based on mutual love understanding Care respect trust...
Wowww tens and tens and tens of scammers hackers and fake people here!!!!ya allah!how terrible and disapointing!if ur one of them no use contacting me ...i will insist on talking to u mic and seeing u. Several times...no matter what excuse u will use!seeing is believing!!
u pretend that u wanna marry me and u dont even want me to see u !!!whatever!!nonsence!!enough is enough!!
someone who wants to settle down as soon as possible
a friend in ups and downs ...with whom i can share anything and everything.a man i can rely on...trust and live for.enjoy life together..but also grow old together..
Somebody who is not looking for external beauty...I am old now ...and i am not going to wake up tomorrow looking 20!!!hehe
faces and bodies fade away...



Age: 30 / sunni



Age: 25 / sunni