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36 - Shia

Bahrain, Bahrain

Feb 22, 2019 17:05

welcome to my page
First of all I'm here to get to find a girl who is ready to marry and accept me as I am, I don't have any time just for chats and then after a month or more it cuts off communication and disappears! Please respect the time of others. thanks
I always feel that I cant describe myself well to others, maybe because I write in English not Arabic, which is my mother tongue, I find myself very comfortable when I speak Arabic and I hope to find someone who speaks Arabic or is interested in this language.
I am a natural person, perhaps like anyone you may meet on the train, bus, airport etc.
I mean you will not find me different from others, and I love myself this way I'm no better than anyone
I'm looking for someone who doest live near me and you can askme later why? I dont smoke or drink alcohol at all, , I care about what I eat, I always eat halal alhamdulillah, I try to become vegetarian soon, I'm not an athlete, I mean I don't go to the gym or run but I love hiking I also have no fat, no matter what I eat (60kg) and this is good, isn't?
my height is 173cm, my hobbies arent many, but I love nature, reading about science and especially space, Ive interests in the world and what happens in it, as for religion, am not a religious fanatic, Ive respect for others and accept them as they are
My relationship with Allah is very special and very close, I pray 5X in day, I fast in Ramadaan, and I dont go for Hajj yet, I read Quran and Duas...
I love animals but I cant bear fur because I have allergies, I speak Arabic, English but not perfect, beginner in German, (Finnish) and Spanish, I want to speak 6 languages ​​inshallah, I focus on Finnish now, and yes I know more than moikka
If there is anything you want to know about me you, ask! wesalam alikom