40 - Sunni

Ile-de-France, France

Oct 20, 2019 14:38

Hello, I'm Lotfi,

I am single without children, never married and without financial debts lol

Respectful of nature, very fond of animals but rather dog than cat lol

I am someone passionate, fusional with My Wife

Faithful to the extreme, I have never deceived a woman of my life,
I prefer to separate me from being unfaithful !

I almost do not lie, not to say EVER,
because I assume everything I say and do, like a Man.

I always do what I say,

Frank and honest,

Samuraï (at the service) of mine and I hope one day of my family

My treasure: I have only one word !!!

Unfortunately, I have at least 2 defects up to my qualities lol

Finally, currently in France I would like to settle in Malaysia or Indonesia very quickly, and come in 2019 during holidays to prepare my installation

I research:
- Two muslim women for wifes for live in same house, top best friends:
for have a live more easy, more funny,
the life is hard, really friend really rare, So that she can count on each other all their life

- I am looking for women of values, RELIABLE ​​and good family, with basic skills, so rare in Europe.

1 ° / FEMINITY +++ with all the traits of femininity: soft, calm, with good hygiene, correct attitude, know how to be s*xy for her husband etc ...

2 ° / FAITHFUL, RELIABE in time, for all life !

3 ° / My best friend : who will demonstrate a continuous presence, a support infallible over time.

4 ° / GUARANTOR OF s*x IN OUR HOME and the best s*x lovers: because a sexually fulfilled man is essential in order to have a happy home.

5 ° / MISTRESS OF HOUSE : she will be the boss at home lol the house will have to stay clean and orderly all the life, that she knows how to make good food, but especially to know to receive my few guests and my family like kings.

it's 5 points are DUTIES of all women, so they are non negotiable !!! but all the rest is only concessions in life.

Finally, a woman who adheres to the expression that governs my life:
Who wants-can, who try-succeeds, who loves-live

I hope it speaks to you,
Bisou Lotfi