30 - Sunni

الأسكندرية, Egypt

Oct 21, 2019 00:15

I am a Muslim committed to the Islamic religion. I pray the five daily prayers
I save a lot of Quran and beard, honest, and hate lying and deception,
I finished my studies at the university nine years ago
I am a renter for a shop where I sell some food products, the most important thing is that my profit is halal, my ambition is not
His limits
Looking for a Muslim wife and love of her religion insured her husband appreciates married life, a sense of humor and love of fun, good spirit, patience,
I simply want a wife working for the paradise of God, a wife obedient to her husband in the right,
I have a lot to say, but on schedule
One of the most important things in my life is humor and smile. It's a good thing to make me feel good
You smile in the face of people, and God reward you for that
To live an easy life in which you have wonderful times and at the same time be close to God, this is wonderful
I am a good-hearted person, I love hope and always look to the future, I know that things are in the hand of God
No to scammers, I've found out more than a fraudster on this site, these are bad people
I am really here for marriage, not for anything else, I pray to God to help us to good, and to distance us from The owners of bad intentions