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38 - Sunni

From UK but now living in Bangladesh, Bangladesh

Jul 19, 2019 12:36

I'm educated to degree level (masters) and currently working for a Bank. I may change career in the next few years and leave Banking/insurance. I'm not very materialistic, and would like someone similar. Happy to meet someone who either wants to work after marriage/finish education or concentrate on raising a family.

I come from an average sized family and most of us are graduates. Everyone lives fairly close to each other and we're friendly bunch.

Looking for a mature minded, sensible person with knowledge of Islam, or willing to move in the right direction. I'm not overly religious but don't go clubbing/drink/smoke etc. I keep all my fasts and always ensure I eat halal. I'm trying to improve myself in with regards to prayers and know there's room for improvement.

I'm into DIY and also try to go to the gym whenever I can (don't worry, I'm not the sort who spends half their life in the gym or posing in front of mirrors).

I also like going for nice drives in the countryside and getting some fresh air, or to the beach if the weather is good.

I think it's important to help those less fortunate than myself. I'm not perfect and don't expect you to be either, but would be good to encourage each other in the right direction.

I'm down to earth and like a laugh and a joke but also have a serious side when needed.

Thanks for reading.