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47 - Sunni

Dhk, Bangladesh

Aug 23, 2019 09:38

Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wbarakatuh. There is nothing to describe about myself. Bcoz, my creation from some drops of impure water. Verily unto Allah we belong, and unto Him shall we return.

I am very simple,open minded and consider myself less than others.I would like to help needy, sick people, travellers and devote myself in the philanthropic activities.

I am searching here my spouse who will be a simple, broad minded, soft spoken and try her best to safe her awrat. It's not a matter to me that you widowed, divorced, reverted, single or living somewhere in the world are !

O Allah! I have turned my face towards You, entrusted my affairs to You, and put hops in You (in seeking Your support for my responsibilities) out of fear of You, and desire of You, there is no refuge, nor place of safety from You, except to have recourse to You, I believe in Your book that You have revealed, and Your prophet that You have sent.

I am single with long beard(sunnah Muhammadur Rasulullah). I am trying my best to follow Quran and sunnah. And to achieve + improve iman, a'mal, ekhlas, akhlaq, taqwa and sabr in my life.

Inshaallah, I shall send my photo and details to your email address if you are interested in me.

Thank u for viewing my profile.

Jazakallahu khair
Al Shapha.

Please note : I need a green heart not green card. I shall respect and love her by whom shall I be helped to follow the path of Jannnah.