34 - Sunni

kashmir Saudi Arabia , India

Mar 4, 2020 17:04

I am zeshan ahmad sunni muslim from kashmir i am looking for righteous spouse from any part of world by the grace of allah i know five langauges including english arabic urdu besides that i have also done bachlores degree in medical imaging technology i have stayed in makkah $ madina in2013 $ 2017 where i was attending duroos i.e circles of knowledge of various eminent scholars in haram an nabawi likes of shiekh mohsin al abbad shiekh abdur Razak abbad shiekh abbod shiekh saed bin nasir shatri shiekh Ibrahim $others presently by the grace of Allah i am following top most Islamic academies of world like zad academy and Islam academy whose programmes are runned from saudi arabia in Arabic language and i am still willing to learn insha allah $ learning is well i am planninng to learn at least 2more languges inshaallah for dawah purpose inshaallah i love spending time in haramian in holy mosques makkah $ madina where you always get to learn new about islam from great scholars teaching in circles of knowledge there.