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Shenzhen/guangdong , China

Apr 28, 2018 13:39

I'm a cool learned responsible cowboy/hunter that loves Allah,not the typical online surfer either, I'm laid-back and totally down to earth, i have a pretty good sense of humor too,well I have to be funny because being hot is not an option lol and most importantly I can admit to having an exceptional heart, romantic and literally wear my heart of my sleeves.. i was raised with love in a small city in Arkansas,USA,only to loose my mother 16years ago to pancreatic cancer,(I miss her sometimes) father still lives and happy to see his granddaughter (my daughter) her name is molly. she means a lot to me and she's all I got since her mom abruptly left me to raise her alone,,,she died giving birth to her šŸ˜„grateful to my aunt though cos she has played a major part in raising molly and still do....I'm an interesting person to be with if you are someone that enjoys deep intellectual conversations and believe in Allah's grace, I admire smart strong people and detest stupidity and lies.