34 - Sunni

Benha, Egypt

Apr 1, 2018 21:27

Muslim, engineer, book worm. Born to a modest family in Egypt, always respecting and loving my roots but trying to make my life better. Funny with a sarcastic tone as described by my friends. Religious, born to a family who teaches quran over two generations. Simple and modest, don't like arrogance. Enjoys video games and book reading. Love the sea and swimming of all sports. Always love to gain more knowledge and in the same time. My work is in it's deserved place as number 3 in my life after my family and friends. Cheerful and smiling all the time despite my state. Love to face my problems calmly and with thinking. Love to talk problems instead of fighting over problem. Respect everyone's P.O.V in everything even if I don't like it. Living by my faith