52 - Sunni

South Africa, South Africa

Jul 4, 2020 11:00

Assalamu alaikum warahmatulahi wa barakato

I believe that truth, honesty and mutual respect for each other should be the foundation of both a friendship and marriage I am a good communicator and listener. A very important part of sharing things together involves sharing your true feelings by being completely honest,sincere trustworthy & faithful.I look forward to the future with great optimism & believe that true happiness & love is found within oneself Istikhara to seek guidance from Allah.Im not judgementaI. I’m a romantic kind, caring & compassionate affectionate loving person. I like help people where I can.
I’m Allah conscious
I strive to be the best Muslim as possibly can for the sake of Allah
My hobbies are cooking, baking, experimenting with different dishes & also like outdoor life
Going for short walks and sightseeing is very relaxing
I come from a good big family & I had three sisters & five brothers & I’m the only one alive of my family. Alhumdulilah Family is very important to me and I love spending quality time with them, laughing and having good fun
When I have free time I enjoy going shopping it relaxes the mind & reading a book or Islamic literature
Have completed my Haj in 2004/5 Alhumdulilah all praise be to Allah & what a wonderful journey it was.
My goal & vision is to go on Umrah one day again & to find a good partner. In Shaa Allah & together prepare for our Arghira.
I’m widowed after a very long happy marriage,
What makes me unique is that I'm will put myself last to make others happy Am also a softy then it comes to kids
I love to spoil them sometimes by making their favorite meals from time to time
I'm a good planner, i budget accordingly & don’t believe in wasting or being extravagant
I hope and pray that Allah grant us all good pious loving kind and partners that loves the Deen for the sake of Allah Swt

Thank you for viewing my profile
PS: If you not serious about marriage then stop right here. Please don't waste time
Wasalamu alaikum