27 - Sunni

British Columbia, Canada

Mar 5, 2018 05:43

As Salamu ‘Aleikom!

I am a twenty-five year old business owner, currently living in Vancouver, BC. My friends and family would describe me as kind, intellectual, and driven.

I am a practicing Sunni Muslim, and I enjoy strengthening my iman and educating my circles about Islam in any capacity of their interest.

I am athletic, and I take care of my body in every way I know how to, including by observing a halal diet, and moderating my daily caloric intake. I believe as a muslim of my ummah, it is important to be fit and aesthetically pleasing, and Allah SWT has demonstrated to me, through His blessings, that this is what is right for me.

I have a strong background in sales, marketing, and corporate business, and I am adding new revenue streams to my portfolio as often as I can.

My post secondary education includes a background in finance and marketing, and I have always derived a great deal of pleasure from increasing my knowledge in these two fields, and utilizing them in a manner that aligns with hadiths and Quranic verses.

I am seeking to establish a connection with a Sunni Muslim woman. She should be intelligent, fit, and practicing. Geographical location is not a major concern to me, as I am patient, and financially able to absorb the costs of immigration, or emigration.

I communicate clearly, with a positive niyyah, and I am open to communicating directly with her, or family.

I place my faith in Allah SWT, and my hope is that in creating this profile, I will find a partner that will be as perfect of a match as Allah SWT has ever created, as He is capable of all things, and everything is easy to Him.

If I do not reply, I have reviewed the profile and message of the sender, and have deemed it not to be a fit. Please do not take offence, and remain patient in your search for your match. Inshallah, you too will find your match here, free from the corruption of public gatherings in this day and age, and benefit from the screening process that this platform grants us.

Jazak Allah Kher, and I wish you a blessed day, Inshallah.



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