34 - Sunni

tiaret, Algeria

Feb 22, 2020 19:39

To the woman that loved me before I was born
To the woman that held my heart
long before it had formed
To the woman who was left sleepless from dusk until dawn
With Weakness upon weakness for 9 Months long
Telling her self It would all be worth it
as she rest assured
when she finally made through to the hospital ward
It was love at first sight the second she saw..... Me
I mean she's the type that would give up her only slippers
just to make sure that my toes warm
She would always favoured me despite the fact she always needed it more
She would wake up early every single morn
To stand freezing in the cold,
hanging up the clothes that we had worn
Standing at the stove for hours, cooking bowls of food we would swarm.
And whenever we weren't home, her heart would be torn
I mean she could never ever sleep when ever we were gone
She would stay up all night next to the phone
although i would never call
So she send me text messages
please I can't sleep just let me know if your safe and secure.
And Whenever I was sick she would always know
what was the cure.
I mean the love she gave me was the best medicine
that was pure