29 - Sunni

Albuhyra , Egypt

Jan 11, 2018 08:45

Assalamu alikum 😊

The MAIN basics:
As our prophet Muhammad said:
Among the sources of happiness are,
1.A good wife who pleases you when you look at her; and when you're away from her, you trust her in regards to herself and your property.
2.An easy ride that enables you to catch up with you companions.
3.A house that is spacious and of many facilities.
4.A good neighbor.

The compatability: In Conclusion Deen and Character should be the focal point of one’s search in a wife. All other qualities if possessed are icing on the cake

My hobbies : cultures exchanges, traveling, music, writing, reading and business. About the action hobbies* running, fitness, mountains climbing, walking, speedy driving, touching the sky and swimming 🌊

My life partner: Happiness spreader and share me what I prefer, creative and like the changes to the better, who really wanna makes good and affective changes in the world, who has idea and innovative brain and who has a real smiley heart. 🌹

I studying veterinary medicine. 😊

And alhamdullah alhamdullah I saved all of Allah's words in Quran so I called hafiz 😊
In addition to I can teaching the Quran's language "Arabic" inshallah..