37 - Sunni

Syhlet , Bangladesh

May 15, 2017 21:27

Assalamu Alaykum Wa ramatullah Wa barrakathu,

Firstly I'm a practising Muslima, I am degree educated and enjoy the practising of attaining knowledge

I am really into fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Don't get me wrong I'm still very much a 'foodie' and 'everyone' well aunts and uncles mostly haha say I make yummy dishes.

I adore my family, I have 4 nephews and 4 nieces, so yeah I have my hands full haha!

I enjoy the outdoors and exploring new cultures and hope to travel ( or be whisked away...I'm not too fussed )in the not so distant future insha' allah.

Most of my family; siblings, father are aboard mostly in Manchester in the U.K.

My parents wanted me to finsh my education here and also not to be distracted by marriage! Anyway that's why I've never really moved or contemplated matrimony. But I think the time Insha'allah is right for me to consider a suitable suitor and envisage a life with him and his family and hopefully it will bring me closer in distance to my own family.

In terms of my personality, that's for others to ascertain...nevertheless I reckon I'm traditional, fun with a zest for life. I am nurturing, softy spoken and discerning. I hope Allah swt blesses me with a spouse who is steadfast, funny and kind, Ameen.

If you have questions please do ask

Jazakallah Khayr for reading