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39 - Sunni

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Aug 17, 2018 11:56

I'm one in a million woman!
I'll never cheat, get fat and frumpy, lie, spend all the money, nag or try to change my man. Not my way of doing things.

When I meet my man - maybe it's you - I will bring out the best in you, give you my heart, enjoy being your submissive wife, and "keep on the sunny side of life." I am a lot of fun, I have a positive outlook on life and I am always open to new people and new opportunities. And, extra bonus for you - I am also grounded and level-headed when I need to be.

I believe I am a great catch because I am loyal, obedient, fun loving, I believe in Allah. I'm a practicing Muslimah and I live by the teachings of Islam. I'm very stable and easygoing. I look for the best for me. I give my best and never forget to give thanks and appreciation. I believe that in relationships we should build each other up and bring out the best in each other, and I will make the man who shares that outlook feel like the king of the world!

I am a strong, positive, optimistic woman. I have respect for anyone who strives to live a better, happier life. If you're someone who knows what it means to set a worthy goal and work hard to hit it, you will have my admiration and support.

How I yearn to meet a man who will meet my love with his steady presence.

If you are that man who is a natural leader, who believes that the husband is the head of the household, who holds the old-fashion family values and willing to take his wife in hand. If you believe that men and women are equal but not the same.

If you are that guy who has tenderness, and sense of humor, who isn't afraid of taking a bold chance in this crazy world - if you are the right man, the good man, the admirable man I am searching for - who will let me know what you truly want to create in your life so I can support you with all my gifts, then I will do everything in my power to make sure that you be so happy that you will end up bragging about me to your friends about you're having found this fount of love and excitement, grateful to have a woman who is only too happy to take care of her man when he is sick, who will make you feel like a million bucks whether you had a tough day or not, whether you are happy or not that moment, who will reward you in the seductive ways for delighting me by going dancing with me, and who will make your life shine in a thousand surprising ways.

I admire a man who is thoughtful of others, and especially of the woman in his life. Who likes to take the lead (though, don't worry, I can take over sometimes), who finds out of the way places and other surprises. I consider a man like this is a treasure and someone to be cherished in all - and I mean ALL - ways.

PS, please DO NOT message me if you were born after 1979