27 - Sunni

Swabi kpk, Pakistan

May 10, 2021 13:14

Assalam o alaikum warahmatullah e wabarakato
Age: 28
Height : 5”9
Qualification : B. Com
Marital status: Single Never married.
Father: X president of the town
Mother: house wife
Sisters: 3 (2 sisters got married)
Pray 5 times
Younger sister is single & she is 20 years old
Cast: Syed (Sunni)
Jobwn business
Language can speak: Pashto, Urdu, Italian Punjabi & English.
Elder brother is chef lives in Rome Italy.
2nd brother is mayor of town

Skills: Alhamdulillah
Diploma in solar engineering
Diploma in Cctv camera security setups & installation.
I have done many computer courses.
I Can cook delicious food so you will no have to order food.
Can repair Home electric circuits

Hobbies & Interests:Travelling, health, exercise, food, Gardening, Gym, jog and volunteering.

Looking for: family oriented & honest person with  compatible qualities. Who has religious and moral values, and respect everyone

Maritalstatus: single/divorced kids or without kids.
Height 5''4 to 5"8
Pray :5 times
I am serious about marriage so please be serious.
Only serious people contact