40 - Sunni

Cairo, Egypt., Egypt

Mar 19, 2014 20:20

I'm such a good lookin hairy caveman =p

I have been born Muslim, yet I have chosen Islam almost 4 years ago, and since then, I have been seeking knowledge of Islam. My life has changed since then, as I found true happiness =)

I'm planning to travel in 5 months to Saudi Arabia for umrah, then to Yemen to a beautiful village where ahl-ul sunnah have the biggest school teaching the righteous islam (almost 10k students from all over the world). I'ma start a few projects there -insha' Allah- , and live happily ever after -insha' Allah- =D
I'm 178cm tall, charismatic, strong personality, gentle and cultured, sometimes smart =P, and with lots n lots of passion and tenderness, and experience with soft ladies ;D

A unique blend of faith, wisdom,softness, and passion. The one I'll never have enough of in discussions, games, and looove. She'll be modest, with a strong personality, and BEAUTIFUL eyes... (and nerd inside) =P
I am looking for someone who would REALLY want to sacrifice her time and effort for a higher place in jannah! I'm NOT looking for someone who just wants marriage!

I will be pleased to help her make her Hijrah, and guide her to righteous sources for learning Islam.

& That's enough info for today!
barak Allah fikom =)