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22 - Shia

Copenhagen, Denmark

Mar 23, 2020 19:21

I'm an open-minded person, who loves being social and having a good laugh. That being said, I often feel lonely while being around family and friends because of my beliefs.
I've been raised with two cultures. I don't feel like I belong to any country or nationality. So basically I'm not bound to any traditions from either sides - which I'm sure many can relate to. I believe that islam is the only way to have a good life. Nowadays, many Muslims mix culture and religion together; A combination where sins are not seen as sins, and where some acts accepted by Islam are seen as sins.

I’m a sympathetic person and I try to become a better person everyday. I avoid arguing as I believe it ruins the moment and the atmosphere. I also find it difficult to be in the same room as a very argumentative person. I don’t mind discussing academically. In fact I find it stimulating. However, there is a difference between discussing for the sake of knowledge and discussing to be right. None of us truly knows if we are 100% right. Only God knows, and it’s only through his mercy we can be guided to the right path.

I’m looking for a person who is patient with his family and his friends. A person who doesn’t get angry easily, and sees his own mistakes over others’. A person who tries not to follow the majority when they are wrong, even if that includes his family - but at the same time is respectful, and does not become arrogant. The last but the most important feature I’m looking for in a partner is someone who doesn’t focus on being right all the time, but rather kind.

My profile has been inactive for two years, where I got some messages of people I would like to get to know. Unfortunately, those profiles are now deleted. Please let me know if you’re one of them.