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Apr 17, 2024 10:13

As-Salaam Alaykum Warahmatullah Wabarakatuh!
I have a daughter and the person who interesting with my profile supposed to be open hearted and mature minded for this situtation.

An ordinary man that trying his best to better his self for the sake of Allah.

The man truly in love with the Tasawwuf that has beautiful guidance of living Islam with the source of Quran and Sunnah.
A man that love to feed his soul as much as he likes to feed his tummy...

An ideal wife im seeking for:
All i need is enlightened servant who lives her life for the sake of Allah.
Cause the person living life in this perspective already would be humble,kindly,compassionate and tolerant.
She'll understood that needs are limited but desires are endless and she'll rather living the life based on this.
Personally I will be appreciate for someone pious, sane, humble, well-intentioned, conscientious, merciful, harmonious, agreeable and virtuous. The sum of all someone with good morals will be totally ideal match for me.

if you say what about you while you hoping that much?
then i can not say i am perfect and totally suit with what i hoping from my partner to be.
but there is a little stroy i would like to tell you about.
Once upon a time, a man goes to the ottoman sharia judge and asked, "My father passed away, now I have a slave inherited from my father, should I set him free?
The ottoman sharia judge said go today come tomorrow then im gonna answer you.
The man comes back at the next day and judge answered yes set him free that will be the better atitute for sure.
Then the man said, "If the answer was so simple, why did you tire me twice?"
Thereupon, the judge says, "I had a slave inherited from my grandfather, so I set him free first and give you the same advice."

We are all human beings with full of ups and downs, wrongs and rights, perfections and shortcomings. In other words, we cannot be perfect but we can be sincere for seeking sake of Allah. After all,I am looking for a person who strives with her best afford to be in the right path of Islam. I pray to reach the person whose greatest goal is to attain Allah consent.


Fawad Ibrahim.

Age: 29 / sunni



Age: 45 / sunni


Last man

Age: 43 / sunni



Age: 35 / sunni



Age: 40 / sunni



Age: 35 / sunni