50 - Sunni

Palestine, Israel

Feb 23, 2020 21:25

السلام عليكم

About Me:

Born and raised in America, Revert,
Divorced, no children,
172 cm (U.S. 5' 8"),
63 kg (U.S. 140 lbs),
Kind-hearted, loyal, honest, intuitive and living a clean, frugal, healthy lifestyle.

Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَالَىٰ‎) has blessed me with a high IQ, and I have interest, knowledge and/or expertise in a wide range of fields.

About the Woman I Seek:

Anyone who is on a dating site has some issue which is preventing them from finding a spouse through conventional methods. It doesn't mean that they are not marriage material, rather, that they have difficulty finding the right match.

I'm here to find a wife (one and only one), but not just anyone. She must meet four minimum requirements:

1. She must be willing and able to relocate after marriage because I am well settled in Israel and a man and wife must live under the same roof;

2. Her Waliyy and family must accept my Jewish background because I cannot change my ethnicity;

3. Should be able to speak and understand English without translation (or at least willing to learn); and,

4. She must be someone whom I can respect, because a man must respect his wife in order to love her. In order to earn my own personal respect, she must be:

a) Seeking marriage (not just friendship or a bf);

b) Responsible;

c) Reasonably intelligent; and,

d) a non-smoker, free of any addictions.

l don't require photos because a man should seek a wife for her inner character. Her outside will get old and wrinkled, but her soul will light up her husband for all eternity. Height, weight and ethnicity are not problematic.  

Please feel free to ask me any questions or clarify any grey areas as relates to your situation. I have an open mind and non-judgmental attitude.

I don't give money to strangers, so all "gold-diggers" and scammers can kindly not waste my time. Sincere prospects please continue...

Online dating is difficult in the respect that a person must protect their identity from abusers while somehow revealing enough about themselves to see if they are compatible with someone else. I understand that a woman may not want to reveal her name or certain details because of security. But even this doesn't warrant an outright lie. A person can say, "For now, just call me..." without lying. But to say, "My name is... [some phoney name]", is in your face. That would be an insult to me.

Even if a person's lies are somehow justifiable, the fact that they are lying tells me something about that person. I don't see myself being compatible with a liar.

Some people use "white lies" or deception as a tool. For example, let's say that the wife overcooks the dinner and it tastes bad. The husband doesn't want to hurt his wife's feelings. He says to her, "Mmmm, it's good - a little barbecue flavor". In his heart he doesn't like it, but he lies in order to make peace in the home. I disagree with this philosophy.

What I would do is say the truth in a kind and loving way. First, I would ask her what happened. She might say that she had a hard day and forgot to turn off the stove. I would offer her that if she's tired, then she should ask me to help her with dinner. She would know for sure that I love her because I am willing to help her instead of giving her empty words.

Inversely, a person who lies is sending a message that they really don't care about the other person. "I will tell you whatever it takes to get what I want." The focus is only on themself. If a potential wife lies to me at an early stage where we're both putting our best foot forward, what would it be like after five years of marriage? Even if such a woman who lied apologized, I would certainly forgive her, but how could I marry her? How would I be able to trust her?

Please keep all of this in mind if you decide to correspond with me.

Shukran jazilan for reading my profile.

May Allah bless us all with the spouses of our dreams — Ameen.