43 - Sunni

vestfold, Norway

Sep 28, 2023 13:43

looking for a life partner ..

my greatest achievement in life is taking careof my 2 youngest brothers and going with them all through school ..college ..now they are grown ups & married it's time for me to experience what this life ,god has given me,has to offer...

i dont want children now ..i've done my parenting duty.To those who don't know..it's ALOT of hard work..stresses ,disappointments and definitely joys..

but i can't imagine myself bringing/raising a new life here in europe..not the place for raising muslim children PERIOD

maybe some other place ..

looking for marriage that will make me appreciate life again n the joys of living it's ups & downs with someone who i can truely trust & love ...

please if you are ULTRA sensitive,get angry swiftly and loves drama to validate emotions from your spouse..please move on ..

I'm a very calm guy and love the serenity of the mind and tranquility in life ...

I've never been married before in my life ...so please understand that if i saved myself for marriage this long ..it means I'm not looking for "misyar" or any type of these new marriage labels .. call me traditional ..that's who i am..

"I'm not the job, and the job isn't me"