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37 - Sunni

Chak, Pakistan

Jun 6, 2023 20:15

I'm here to only talk, because on how you talk, one can decide whether we can keep talking for life. Amongst other things life's also very much about companionship.

Been a sinner.
Have repented, but people still judge me, np.

Wanna leave my environment, and my country.

Suggest me which place is better to move.

From where I can come back to Pakistan as and when wanted to my parents checking on them.

I am also avoiding marriage coz I feel my burden is such I don't want anyone to overburden. Would you like to share?

I know stuff about end times, and I don't see Shari'a being implemented anywhere, suggest me a place where sinning isn't easy. But with a good life partner, and right mindset, I can inculcate works of sadaqtuljariah.

I myself am considering Russia how good a choice that would be.

Need suggestions.

My travelling wish list just found this today: