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41 - Shia

1020, Belgium

Feb 12, 2023 02:54

I am simple man who is understanding, passionate, sincere and ambitious. I am respectful, easy going person and like to have easy communication with others.
I love to find a partner that I can plan with for the future, and I seek to build our lives together on strong foundations starting of collecting the common things and attitudes in between.

I dream that there will be a history of understanding with her before and after marriage in order to get to know each other better. I want to find the love and friendship and more in her. I am seeking to have in my future wife characters of: my best friend, partner in crime , co-worker and mother of future children and every thing in between.

I am A open mind, cheerful, easy-outgoing man with a smiled face and sense of humor, I also love to help others and encourage them to achieve their goals, i am not selfish at all, you can find that i am a considerate person also, not mean or senseless.
in this life, man being message to live and let others to live, not to hurt and go to sleep easily knowing you hurt someone as the your eyes might sleep but the eyes of Allah never sleep. Always be honest with your self before being honest with others.

I love movies watching (big fan of movies) and history reading and learning about, reading about politics, listening to soft slow music, old series (Arabic or American) and healthy food, love to go to museums.

you might find me a little bit of a home-body, not social very much, but when I be outside or mingling with people, you will find me a social person.
I hope I can travel with my life companion, because what does matter is not the destination but the journey and whom you accompany with.