32 - Sunni

Québec, Canada

Dec 3, 2022 15:34

I like to think im conservative, strive to be a good muslim, try to do what Allah azza wa jal ordered us. I think im funny but its up to you to decide I guess. I try to take things lightly and very calm and affectionate in my nature.
I work in healthcare-pharma, Im 170cm, 68kg, athletic, I like exercising outside, running, swimming all kinds of sports, and I would like somebody that cares about how they look and strives to be in shape. I love some gaming, anime, reading, learning a new language...
I might not have a photo yet because its being reviewed by the site.

I havent been married yet. Im looking for an arabic girl for ease of communication and closeness of cultures. But it all depends, whether youre born a muslim or a convert. Willing to put hijab at least or thinking about it or already has it on or even niqab. Somebody that loves Islam, puts religion first before anything else. A pure hearted person and easy going.

Be spontanious and hit me up with a message 😃