52 - Sunni

Espírito santo , Brazil

Dec 5, 2022 00:06

Salamwaleikon! Please don't take me wrong but first of all take a time to read my WHOLE profile before matching.
First and foremost only contact me if you are going to make an effort to communicate, don't be a ghost 👻, and if we get along with each other be able to visit me in my country within 3 months.
Well let's start...I'm a Brazilian reverted Muslim, divorced with no kids, a genuine woman, mature and active, with a young soul and heart, simple, humble, easy going and down to earth, affectionate, loving, romantic, friendly, open-minded, fearing Allah, funny, very good sense of humour and positive but with my flaws like every human being.
In my spare time I like spending time with my family and friends, reading, walking, going to gym when it's possible, going around without a destination only getting to know new places, people and new cultures, I like cinema, theater, going out to eat and I love traveling, who doesn't? 🤔🧐
My friends say that I look younger than I am😍 Allahumdulilah! My pictures are recents.
About my religious life I must to say that as a reverted Muslim, living in a Christian country with a small Islamic community, I still have a lot to learn and I hope my future partner can help me to become a better Muslim woman.
What I'm looking for?......
I am looking for someone Real, honest, easy going, generous, with a big smile, who's serious about making efforts to communicate, meet, settling down and making it work, someone who is Loyal, energetic, Kind hearted, Good sense of humour.
Someone who will hold my hand through this life journey right till the End. Someone who will pick me up when I am down and brings positivity and makes stars shine during Darkness.
Someone who likes to travel and make memories together, who's not afraid and shy to show his Emotions, who's Romantic and affectionate.
Sorry to say but if you're the type of person who just says "hi" "how are you" or something like that and becomes a ghost, scroll left. I'm not here to waste mine or your time, I'm here only looking for SERIOUS HALAL relationship that leads to marriage.
Cause if you are serious then we should get to know eachother within approximately 3 months so we can move forward.
Communication is key in a relationship!
Just one more thing....I don't accept polygamy.
Good luck to everyone! May Allah bless you with a greate spouse.