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Oct 1, 2022 07:33

Assalamu Alaikum My name is Sadettin I was born and raised in the U.K and I've recently moved to Turkey Antalya.
Im mixed race my father is African and my mother's Turkish.I know English & Turkish I can kind of understand swahilli and I understand Arabic but I cant speak it well because I don't get enough practice 😅.

I should also mention this because its important in my opinion.
I feel that having similar hobbies and interests are of course important however it's insufficient to take a marriage all the way.Similar values and goals are necessary and in my opinion the most important mutual points needed between a couple.
The path of marriage is truly beautiful however I think it's important to recognise that it is a path with many obstacles and difficulties that can only be overcome when both individuals share similar goals and aims in life.
I hope that you think and feel the same way as well.

Ps: there's probably a lot of things you would like to know that I haven't mentioned so please feel free to ask.



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