25 - Sunni

MEDEA, Algeria

Sep 29, 2022 07:08

It's hard to discrib your self in a few words , but i will say the important things.

I’m looking for someone who’s serious about the marriage.Alhamdulillah I’m proud to be Muslim and religion is very important to me. I’m practicing and I would like my partner to be on the same level with faith as me. I’m not perfect - but I’m trying my best to improve my Iman and to be always on the straight path.
I love reading books , walk in nature and take a fresh air ,i love animals , i like to discover a new places and a new cultures and learning new languages,
Now i'm learning deutch language 🇩🇪.

I’m very social and open minded person.
Text me if you feel like we could be a good match! 💍
Thank you for reading my bio .