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32 - Shia

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Oct 1, 2022 17:44

I'm just a very simple and humble man. I've disabled the images of this website as it has a lot of temptations and indecent photos sadly. It's not representing how we should do in matchmaking in Islam by preserving modesty and avoiding attracting the other gender.

Anyway, I'm married and I have a small son Alhamdu Lillah. My wife and I discussed this mattered and we agreed about it. I'm looking for a woman who keeps Allah as the center of her life by trying to please Him in all aspects of life. A practicing woman following the Islamic obligatory orders and avoid HARAMS, and having good Akhlaq.

If you had any question, please don't hesitate to ask. I hope you aren't a scam. I got tired from SCAMS!!!

I would be thankful to your kind reply if there was a message from my side. Honestly, I don't expect a reply from experience. Alhamdu Lillah. Anyway, Allah is our witness who sees what's in our hearts and how sincere and pure we are!



Age: 31 / sunni

Saudi Arabia


Age: 32 / sunni

Saudi Arabia


Age: 50 / sunni

Saudi Arabia