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London, United Kingdom

Dec 9, 2022 18:10

Salamo alykoum everyone
Im Achrfa im almost 25 years old , I consider my self as an open-minded person , polite and very rare i get angry or you can say a cool-headed
Im serious in looking for a partner a good muslima to spend my rest of life with her , worshipping allah and live a special life together
I work in health and beauty Field and also i work in other fields like pizza chef and ticketing agent
I spend my most of time creating novels ,at this moment i didn't start my project for selling but im still working on it ,and i see my future as a novel creator (author)
Tall 6'0
Wieght 80 kg
Hair : brown
Eyes : brown
Hobbies : reading books , sport and gym , swimming, climbing, relaxing, nature , spend time with friends, family oriented, playing video games , football, cinema 📽️
What im looking for :

Lets say the woman of my dream is
I give 3 words and inshallah will discribe perfectly
1Shy and Modesty cuz the prophet told about that great characteristic and its genetically in woman
2 Praying ber salawat and has a good connection with allah
3 Accept the truth and always seeking for the logic and proves that solving many problems in life

I will add 4 as an option cuz the 3 I Mentioned are enough for my future wife, but i really want it too inshallah
Is that the one who is romantic ,loving and caring
The location : any location in the world , just looking for the right spouce and i will treat her as a princess inshallah
For me i can relocate to some specific countries
Im originally from Algeria , at the moment im located in my country and few months i will move to Europe inshallah
How i see life ?
I see life as place i have to stay in for a very short time like a guest then i go back to where im from (the eternal life ) and work very hard to live that eternal time in jannah
Whats the most important goal in life ?
I have four goals
1 pass the exam of the dunya and success to go to jannah with my family
2 raise my children in the lightness of the quran and sunna
3 da3wa , contribute for spreading islam
4 live a very special life with my partner and we take care of each other

The age : from 18 to 32 , actually i don't have any problem with age as long as u are a good person

How woman should be treated in my view

The prophet peace be upon him (ﷺ) said, "The most perfect man in his faith among the believers is the one whose behaviour is most excellent; and the best of you are those who are the best to their wives."
So if i want to be the perfect man in faith , first step is treat my wife like queen 👑
Also the prophet said (Anjasha, drive slowly as you are driving (the mounts who are carrying) glass vessels , so woman is like glass vessel is she broken,she cant get back to her first shape

What im not looking for and would rather choose to be alone than marry ?
1 -Feminism woman who believes or claims that she should be equal with man and has the right to disobey her husband , which all of that abviously is against quran and muslim beliefs
2-A woman who can have a guy friend and she tells he is just my friend , and alhamdolilah we all know thats haram and the woman can olny have relations with her husband , family and who is( mahram) to her ,even man cant have relations with girls and say she is just a friend
3-Who thinks she can be uncovered when outside, and here im talking after marriage, im not gonna tell u must wear hidjab to start a conversation with me ,so if u will wear hidjab and u plan to do that after marriage then u are pleasing allah at first then u are pleasing your husband, and coommme onn... We all know the hidjab is a faridha in islam and woman should wear that
Also im not the one who is looking for haram relation like ( girlfriend and ext...) , Im just looking for halal relation, i mean we can know each other and we discuss things and build a relation that lead to marriage
U can ask me what would u like to know ...i rarely use this website, when u message me inshallah i will respond cuz im not that kind who leave empty messages ( don't respond...ext )) so i will respond even if im not interested to say that may allah give u the best.

May allah give all of us the best




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