56 - Sunni

Zurich, Switzerland

Aug 7, 2022 16:33

Assalaam, I hope this meets you well. It often feels awkward talking about myself because I have never done it, however circumstances have now forced me to tour this unfamiliar path in search of my half of Deen, may Allah reward all our efforts.

I am a simple man, who believes in a simple and honest life, devoid of deceit, arrogance and pride. Highly enlightened, educated and mature, I am a Muslim convert that wishes to grow my faith in Islam with ultimate goal of being worthy for Al jannah at the end of days. I detest lies a lot and feel life would be much easier if we all could be honest in our dealing, with the fear of Allah firmly rooted in our hearts.

A single father to a 13yr old son whom I barely see after losing my wife three years ago, I seek the love and affection of an understanding woman who can help me bring my family together. Happy home and family is one of the greatest gifts a man can hope for and it is my wish and firm believe that almighty Allah will guide our steps towards the path he has created for us.

May peace be upon you.