33 - Sunni

Armutlu , Turkey

Feb 4, 2023 06:22

Basic conditions:
Ayg 35 to 47
High not lees then me 167
No smoking
No polygamy

I am looking for a soulmate who follows Islamic morality and rules.
I believe a healthy relationship has some sharing and some personal space that both sides should respect.
Who trust my religious opinion and don't force me to follow his religious opinion.
Someone who appreciates my behaviour towards my mother and encourages me to be better and better with her.

I live with Mum. She is 75 years old and I want to continue living with her in Turkey.
I am working as a freelancer teacher with Non-Arabs, teaching Quran and the Arabic language.
I am a simple, affectionate, mature and peaceful person.
I don't like to debate or argument.
I love nature, animals, walking and meditation.
I am always learning. I love to improve myself and always increase my knowledge.
I live in a small beautiful village near to Istanbul.
I love peaceful life, so big and crowded areas are something that I really have enough in my life.