31 - Sunni

Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria

Jul 6, 2022 18:29

Simple sincere and straightforward, I'm genuinely looking for marriage, I'm a practising muslimah, I believe marriage is a lifetime thing, I'm not going to be doing anything against the rules of islam so if you're looking for marriage let's give it a try, it might work if almighty Allah wills. I'm jovial and very playful, I accept everything that happens as the will of Almighty Allah so when I meet someone and it doesn't work we separate peacefully without any hard feelings. If you have that misconception that all Africans are looking for away to travel to Europe then don't even try to say hi, I'm here for halal that will lead to nikkah, I like all races and I'm a huge fan of mix race marriage and mix race children, if you have good intention, what ever your race(black, asian white) is don't hesitate to say hi. If not please respect yourself and look pass this profile. (Matured minds only). Thank you.