36 - Sunni

London, United Kingdom

May 30, 2019 12:01

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Asalamu alykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatahu. 

Alhamdulilah, It's nice to meet you all I would consider myself a man that has a good balance of both the deen and the dunya. I place Allah and what He has ordered before any actions I do in my life. Alhamdulilah I pray on time and never miss my salah and I also fast too. 

I love watching movies and Tv shows but alhamdulilah no music for me as its haram. I'm an artist by trade so im a bit nerdy by nature. I love to read both Islamic books and old novels. I'm the main cook in my home so I love cooking whatever I learn form either my mother or YouTube Lol. I'm a huge fan of anime and video games but enjoy them with moderation.
I love the gym and fitness is a big deal for me alhamdulilah. I'm a big lad and due to the gym I keep getting bigger 💪, so if you sisters want a slim akhi then I will disappoint you 🦁. I wear my heart on my sleevs so I would love to meet a sister that's interested in having a romantic relationship in marriage, is funny and is the cuddling type Lol 🙈 

Alhamdulilah I'm a very patient man and my dream is to meet a like minded sister whome I can enjoy this life with whilst also helping her get closer to Allah. This life is a test for us all from Allah, so whilst we're all living on this earth we need to be very mindful that the end goal is Jannah. So inshallah my future wife will be a woman that's conscious of that regardless of what level her Iman is. 
I will never judge how much or how little deen you know, my duty as your future husband inshallah is to protect you, aid you, love you and help nurture your connection with Allah 😊

All I ask in return is that you're willing to try to fear Allah and to never give up on me if and when Allah may test us in this life.


1. My Name: Anwar Ali

2. Age: 36

3. Origin: Eritrean/Sudanese

4. Nationality: British

5. Lives in: London, UK.

6. I live with my parents Alhamdulilah.

7. I was married before but the marriage was nullified (Khul'ah) within a year.

8. I don't have any children, but I would love to have many children inshallah.

9. Alhamdulilah I have a full beard.

10. Height: 5"10

11. Weight: 110KG

12. Employment status: Self-employed, a digital artist working from home. But I am seeking fulltime employment at the moment too.

13. Education: BA degree in Animation

14. My hobbies: Besides spending allot of time with my family.. I Love keeping fit so I'm always in the gym. I enjoy going out for a walk at night as its when I feel at peace the most, and I enjoying cycling during the afternoon too. Being an artist I love arty stuff like photography, watching movies, Anime and some Tv shows. I love cooking and baking too Alhamdulilah.

15. 5 positive character traits about me: 1. I'm headstrong 2. I can be empathic with others 3. I wear my heart on my sleeves 4. I'm told that I always make others laugh and smile alhamdulillah 5. I'm the cuddling on the sofa kind of person Lol.

16. 5 negative character traits about me: SubhanAllah.. 1. I'm an introvert 2. I'm a workaholic 3. I'm not thick skinned so I hurt easily 4. My Gheera (jealous) is quite strong I couldn't stand knowing that my wife is talking or working with other men. 5. I can be babyish and clingy sometimes, but inshallah my future wife will like that about me.

Things I'm looking for in a wife:

1. A Muslimah.
2. Believes in Quran and Sunnah.
3. She fully covers (niqab, jilbab) or at least she's willing to try it eventually inshallah.
4. Can cook or at least is willing to learn.
5. Understands the role of a woman in a marriage and society per the orders of Allah.
6. Does not believe in Democracy or participates in it whatsoever.
7. She doesn't smoke or is working on giving it up.
8. Doesn't slander.
9. Has empathy and compassion in her heart towards humans and animals.
10. Is interested in having many children.
11. Doesn't backbite or keep company that backbites.
12. She's interested in seeking knowledge and evolving as Muslimah.
13. Knows how to keep secrets and is trustworthy.
14. Is conscious of Allah in her daily actions.
15. Has a romantic heart.
16. Has lots of sabr (patience).
16. Does not travel abroad without mahram (because this is haram).

This list is about the type of marriage I wish to build with my wife inshallah.

1. I would like to homeschool my children inshallah if possible. State schools have become a breeding ground for raising children to accept many haram things so homeschooling is a huge must for me inshallah.
2. Hijrah. My long term plan is to eventually make hijrah to a Muslim country, Somewhere that we can raise good pious children and be around like-minded Muslims inshallah. 



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