31 - Sunni

Alex, Egypt

Sep 24, 2022 16:48

If there is a brother who is looking for polygamy or can't relocate to Egypt , or Saudi Arabia to start a family then this profile wouldn't be suitable for him

*The most important thing in my life is Islam I try to learn more about it and be a better Muslim , and I believe that each Muslim should work hard to learn about Islam until his last breath

*I wear Niqab and I take it as Fard , and Allah knows the best

*I don't listen to music and I try as hard as possible to keep me away from anything which is in Islam which can keep me away from the path to Allah

*I wish to make a warm house to be like a shelter , which is based on Islamic rules and there's zekr and worshiping all the time, where the Islamic values and manners are practiced and everyone is supporting .

*I don’t have the ability to polygamy and I wouldn’t relocate outside Egypt .

Looking for

Age between 31 to 36

Someone who follows Quran and Sunna only and no other faiths like Sufism or Shia any kind of Bidaa ( innovational things in Islam as celebrating our prophet Muhammad peace be upon him’s birthday )

*makes the Quran and sunnah part of his life trying to understand them and apply them in his acts

*Doesn’t listen to music or songs not watching drama and lowers his gaze
*responsible, kind and wants to treat his wife with respect the way our prophet peace be upon him used to treat his wives

*A real practicing Muslim man who studies the Qur'an and Islam and willing to do so till the end of his life,

*Someone who wants to have an Islamic circle in his house everyday with his family to study Quran and religious information

*takes full responsibility of his household, does his own work and helps in the house hold chores and has Takwa , kind , merciful ,respect others and know how to listen to his beloved people

*wouldn’t stop me from volunteering in Dawa ( inviting non Muslims to Islam ) , going to mosques to teach or learn , and would like to support me too .

*someone who loves the beautiful behaviors and Qualities mentioned in Quraan and sunnah and tries to learn and apply them such as mercy , forgiveness ,modesty , Taqwa and Ihsaan .

Someone who can recites Quraan and memorizing it or working on memorizing it all with understanding and applying it's beautiful rulings and behaviors

** if someone sees himself a match then he can exchange with us a list of Questions and everything is suitable then he can contact with my Wali

** I'm sorry if I don't answer some messages but I don't answer if I don't see a match because I don't want to talk with anyone without necessity.

Jazakum Allah khayran