36 - Sunni

Nigeria, Nigeria

Jun 27, 2022 09:59

I'm a well educated and travelled woman. I have an opinion and I'm articulate.

I was born in Africa but I spent my early years in Europe....So I have a combination of western and Islamic values, with a touch of the African in me. (smiles)

I know myself and I like myself.

I love my Islam and I see it as a source of freedom and joy, not restrictions and hardship. Atleast that's how I believe it should be...and how I live.

I like the way I look so I exercise to keep it up. I jog, do cardio with my fav YouTubers and swim when I can, which is very rarely nowadays. Perhaps you can fix that!

I πŸ’˜ chocolate and πŸ’˜ coffee and I'm a proud foodie. My policy is to 'try it at least once.' πŸ˜ƒ I love to cook, and I experiment with recipes once in a while but I also love to dine out regularly.

You will often find me cuddled up on a sofa with a book or a kindle, or watching TV. If I'm outdoors I'm taking walks, visiting a museum or taking in a production....or heading to a coffee shop to drink lattes and hobnob with people in the tech community..

I love visiting new places, and taking the road less travelled. My dream vaca is .......I'll tell you about that if we meet and actually connect.

I'm a qualified legal practitioner but i decided to leave practice some years ago and focus on what I πŸ’˜.....technology.

I love my Holy Quraan but I'm not a 'bible-thumper'. I question everything I read and hear until I'm satisfied. Then I practice and believe.

I have hopes and dreams and aspirations beyond marriage and motherhood. I am a modern Muslim woman.

I am confident and self assured and I relish adventure and fun. I have a great sense of humour and I can literally laugh my way through a conversation....and my laughter is infectious so before you know it, you will find yourself laughing with me...or atleast πŸ˜ƒ!

And I want it all. A happy marriage, healthy kids and the white picket fence.

I'm open to living anywhere 🌎 where I can practice my Islam and wear my hijab in peace. They don't need to like it. I love it.☺️

I'm also open to new cultures, whether its food, clothing, or language, so long as I'm free to live my best life! :-

I want a man who is πŸ’ͺ and trustworthy. Mature (not old), well educated and well travelled too.

A single man who wants to start a family. I don't mind if he's been married before or if he has children. But very very single.

A man who is healthy, and chooses to live a healthy lifestyle regardless of what that means to him. A man who has a career or business that he loves, and is doing well, all in all.

A man who is ready, and desirous of a meaningful relationship and is ready to do the work....with me.

A man who is not done. Despite his age, status or position in life, and all he's already accomplished, he still has alot he wants to do with his time on earth. So he's not done.

A man who is generous and kind and honourable, with a great sense of humour, who is a modern Muslim, in every sense of the word.

A man who is energetic and open to 'having a conversation about it', whatever 'it' may be.

A man who understands that barriers are meant to be broken. That the differences between us are meant to draw us closer .....not push us apart.

A man who is curious, openminded and unafraid, who wants something different from what he's used to in life.



Age: 44 / sunni



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Age: 22 / other



Age: 32 / sunni