37 - Sunni

Constantine, Algeria

Jan 26, 2022 14:16

I was born in a conservative family, I live in a small town, Alhamdulillah the kind of environment I was raised in kept me away from doing wrong things. I believe in this life our goal is to grow up"تزكية النفس ", I'm not a perfect person, but I always push myself to be a better person.

I feel like there are two people in me, a fun, playful, and noisy girl who shows up when I'm with people I trust, and a wise and calm woman who shows up with the rest of the world.

To be honest, I hate using these kinds of websites because I don't like to talk to strangers, especially with the fact that not all people here have sincere intentions, but at the same time, and due to my introverted nature, the type of life I'm conducting and the job I'm doing I keep feeling lonely. I'm a software developer, I work from home, so I spend the majority of my time with my laptop, don't get me wrong, I love my work, and coding is one of the very few things I enjoy doing.

I'm kind of a geek, I like to watch anime and movies, my favorite anime is Attack on Titan, and I'm a Star Wars fan, I watched all Marvel Movies, and when I find a good series I can't resist binge-watching it, as it happened with all seasons of Stranger Things, and probably it will happen with their new coming season lol

I love reading, I discovered my passion for reading when I was in high school, we had this team project to read a long novel, we were three in the team and to make it easy for us the teacher divided the novel into three parts, I got the first part, but instead to only read my part I ended up reading the whole novel, and from that time, I read many books and novels, and in few times I finished the book in one sitting lol

I'm looking for someone religious but not very strict, someone who can enjoy a deep conversation, but he can also enjoy childishness. Somone with a simple mind, I don't mean stupid, but someone who can see life in a simple way, with no drama, who can leave yesterday problems for yesterday.

Because I'm introverted nature, I don't have many people I talk to and share activities with, so I'm looking for someone who won't see me as a filling of some emptiness he has in life, rather the most important person in his life, because he will be the most important person in my life.

So there are some categories of people I feel I can't be with
- Married men,
BIG NO, so please don't contact me.

-Divorced or widowed men with kids,
I don't like to be with a man who has already kids, because I think this man either he's a bad person who doesn't care about his kid or his heart is already occupated and I have to fight to win a place in his heart and I feel this can make me do bad things or have bad feelings which an experience I don't want to go through.

-Salafi madhab followers,
I've never got along with them, the majority of them, are stiff, and hard to communicate with, and all that they care about is if I will wear the Niqab, which I won't.
And I consider the way I dress a personal choice and my own journey, so no one has the right to choose for me what I wear. And between us, I find the untrimmed beard unattractive, sorry but this is how I feel.

-A man who thinks he can choose for his wife to work or not
Again, this is a personal choice, no one has the right to choose for me.

Finally, I'm looking for someone who has a strong personality, but he doesn't try to dominate me, or negligent me, someone truthful, respectful, but yet funny, and easy going.