21 - Sunni

Coast, Kenya

Jan 26, 2022 19:35

Marriage isn't about getting the right person i.e soulmate; all humans are imperfect, we aren't angels!

Women are created from bent ribs, they'll never be what men want them to be.

Let's accept each other; the way we are, learn each other behaviour and try to make it work, i.e love language.

Let's stop complaining about things we have no ctr over; it solves nothing...we have no power to guide sb, only Allah can.

On the same, what's the hardest thing in this world?

At whatever cost, don't think of breaking up, think of making it work.

Be stronger than your partner, remember, it's all about patience...

imagine, your best friend has fallen into a deep hole, how can you remove him/her if you're lighter than them...

Let's not fall for Satan trap, he's working extra hard to make us scattered sheep.

Let's Asiyah zawjati Fir'aun be our example; how did she make her marriage work with such a man...could you have made it?!

It proves to me that it's never the way our partner is, it's all about us; our mentality and reaction towards relationship challenges.

Let's be more positive, understanding and considerate; some dhwanna are ithm.

May Allah make it easy for us all, increase our capability, knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

Success wishes in your search; remember this, your partner is already destined for you, you'll meet, inshaallah...

it's just a matter of time, swabr!

Don't be stressed sis, bro.
Good day.



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