27 - Sunni

Cameroon , Cameroon

Jan 26, 2022 05:28

I've always had a passion for living life to its fullest. I strive to believe in the good within everyone. I am a healer, and I am honest with my feelings . I am looking for an equally positive partner who loves adventure, who prioritises his deen and also a good communicator.
If you are not interested in marriage please don't contact me.Also just to be clear the fact that I am from Africa doesn't mean I am in misery and looking for someone from Europe or USA to come get me out of that, I am fine where I am and if I decide to visit any of those places I would be able to do so on my own, so if you have that mentality don't message me.
And yes before I forget, finding any trace of racist or you belittling my beautiful continent even out of ignorance is a deal breaker for me.