27 - Sunni

Izmir, Turkey

Sep 24, 2022 13:14

I constantly assess and reflect upon myself in order to improve and be a better Muslim so always with my hijab never ask me off it..I'm friendly, mature, kind and I like people in general. I believe everyone has a good side and most importantly something interesting to teach us. I like to listen to people, I like to hear their problems and stories and offer my support. I'm a great listener. I am also very organized, and I like structure. I love reading, learning in general, and increasing my knowledge of pretty much everything in whatever ways I can. There are very few things that I hate, here are some of them: stalkers, liars or people who like to manipulate others in general People who lack respect for other, negative mindset person. I'm new here in turkey all the way from Belfast Northern Ireland UK. Alhambdulillah

I will like to communicate with Someone who knows, fears, obeys and respects Allah (SWT)* because if he can do this, there is nothing that he can do to ever hurt me in any way, and I know we'll be able to get a long inshaAllah Here is a list of other qualities that would also be great,To respect and value me for who I am as Serious Muslima,Kind and open minded and strictly halal conversation leads to marriage if possible InshaAllah.